Adding an addition will add value to your property assuming that the addition is done right.  At TimberBuilt Rooms, we specialize in blending in the new addition with the existing home.  We match your existing house materials such as siding, masonry, roofing, fascia/gutters, window colors, etc..  While it may seem like a simple concept, matching the house and making the addition blend is extremely important if you want to maximize the value added to your home. 


When a homeowner adds an addition or sunroom that doesn’t match the house, like an all-white metal or plastic room (typically aluminum framed), that becomes an issue when trying to sell the home at a future date.  This is especially true if an addition is added with a flat or low slope roof line (commonly called a studio style roof).  If the roof line doesn’t match and is an eye sore, your property value may decrease at time of sale. 


The cost of building something that blends with the existing home is typically more expensive than not worrying about matching the home, but the cost difference is typically not extreme. 


In the long run, you will receive more for the home which makes up for the upfront costs.  Couple that with using the room daily and being able to be proud of something that blends in, and the decision becomes even easier. 


With a lot of our customers locked into attractive mortgage rates, we offer financing up to $100,000.  We have several financing options including short term no interest loans for up to 1 year as well as 7-year loan options with simple interest.  All loans are based on credit score and not tied to home equity which means you will be able to retain your current low mortgage rate.


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