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We Do It All!

TimberBuilt Inc. does not have any sub-contractors.  From start to finish, you are guaranteed to get TimberBuilt quality that only TimberBuilt employees can provide.  Each TimberBuilt Room is designed, drawn, managed and built by TimberBuilt employees.

Building permits are applied for and obtained by TimberBuilt.  Every major trade necessary for the room build is part of the TimberBuilt team.  This includes foundation/concrete crews, carpenters, roofers, and electricians.  Employing each trade allows for consistent quality and overall control from room to room.


Conventional Construction
Unlike manufactured rooms and kits made of metal or plastic, TimberBuilt Rooms are designed using conventional wood construction and are built with the same quality building materials used in your home.

Rooms Built to Match Home
Since each room is designed to fit your home, we can design with virtually any materials (such as cedar, cement board, vinyl siding etc..) to perfectly match your exterior finish, truly making the room a natural extension of your home. We research the style and colors of the materials on your existing house so we get continuity with the new room.

Best of all, your new room can be designed to fit your budget. You don’t have to pay higher architectural fees required by builders for complicated or elaborate additions. Since we keep the design simple, your price remains affordable. You decide on the interior finishes and door/window qualities that not only fit your intended use but your budget as well!

Understanding of Local Building Codes
All TimberBuilt designs are made to meet municipal building and residential energy codes. We take the core of the permitting process, so you don’t have to. We have built in over 200 communities and know how to satisfy the building authority and your neighborhood association.